Entry 32

I went to the sculpture park to check in with the #1 stone carving assistant to see how everything going.  The pyramidal form looks great and the third stone is ready to be polished. I asked one of the interpreters named Leo to help get the 50 cm stainless rod ordered so when all the stone is done we can assemble the knife-edge and the third stone.  I also talked to the head mold maker about my fiberglass model.  They broke the mold.  So, I asked them to make a new one so they could produce another fiberglass reproduction of the model.  After an hour and a half I came back to the hotel to rest and sleep.  I’ve been eating very little and during the latter part of mealtime to avoid the smoke at the hotel cafe.  After lunch Kamal from Saudi Arabia brought me a Buddattitude CD to keep my spirits up.  I’ve enjoyed talking to him during my time here. We’re like a tribe of sculptors.

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