Entry 33

There’s a huge industrial convention at the hotel and surrounding support buildings in the next day or two.  At 4:30 this morning I woke to ritualistic tug-of-war chanting.  They raised a 120′ by 25-story banner on the side of the hotel building.  It took them about three hours to raise it up and unfurl it.

After three days I finally had enough strength to spend a full day at the sculpture park again.

“Two more days of stone left,” I was told today by one of the Committee members.  I think it’s possible.  I’m still coughing and sick but stronger.  I asked the stone cutting assistant what the gray putty like material on the surface of the polished pyramidal form was.  He explained it was epoxy and stone dust that was put into a pocket that occurred in the stone.  I explained that in twenty years or less it would come out and not look very good.  So, I asked him to cut off a quarter inch of that section in the stone and blend it.  It adds another day to finish this stone.  We should have time.

I made a paper template of the bottom of the knife-edge piece so we could mark the holes where it will mount on the third stone.  The third stone has the curved side ground to 5,000 grit and looks good.  In the afternoon I worked as the stone cutting assistants spotter so he could drill the holes properly.  That was most of the afternoon.

During lunch Sam form New Zealand and I talked for a half an hour about a possible collaborative FAW sculptural auto project.  At dinner Laura form Canada and Camille from New Zealand talked more on the subject.  It was definitely an interesting discussion both times.

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