Entry 34

I had such a coughing fit this morning before breakfast that I got a mild migraine and had the nurse give me serious temple and scalp massage for twenty minutes.  It took an hour to recover from that ordeal.

We set the knife-edge stone on top of the third stone today.  It looked good but the fit had room for improvement.  So, we pulled the knife-edge stone off and continued to work both contact surfaces to get them to match better.  I signed the third stone and the pyramidal stone MRW 2008 with a diamond bit tool.  On Wednesday I hope I can get someone to sign my name in Chinese.

In the afternoon Pong and I worked with the fiberglass folks to get a fairly decent finish and form to the large and small “Visionary” fiberglass.  They’ll paint them this evening to look like a bronze with a brown with light gold highlights.  Coming around the home stretch.

After dinner Laura from Canada and I sat for twenty minutes and brainstormed about the FAW Automobile Sculpture project.  We made great progress in that short time.

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