Entry 36

I worked all morning on changing the copper patina on the large  “Visionary” work so that I could live with it.  Flat color does not appeal to me some how.  I worked with the “color man,” to mix a brown/green black and found the copper brown that they had used on the piece.  We went over the whole work with a thin to thick coat of black to diffuse the copper brown down a bit.  Then I dry brushed the copper lightly over the black so it created a layered affect that highlighted the texture and darkened the piece down.  It looked like a bronze work and the dark terra cotta oil based clay that I modeled the piece in.  I walked away just before lunch and decided to commit to whether it was done after lunch.

After lunch I told the appropriate people that the large “Visionary” was done.  Angela and I walked up to the store to get some black tea and some fruit for me.  It was a nice break.  Angela and her friend were visiting another section of the store while I was looking around in the fruit section.  While there, a young man kept looking at the size of my feet (13 U.S., 46 EU).  I stopped and put my foot next to his and he laughed.  That’s only the fourth time something like that has happened.

By two p.m. I was itching to get back to the hotel, take a shower and work on my drawings for the FAW Automobile Sculpture Park.  I had a half hour on the two drawings that were basic sketches.  One was floral oriented and the other was more about the sensual form that some auto forms can have.  Both used the smoke trail that passes over an auto during a wind tunnel test.  By three fifteen seventeen artists’ loaded in a bus to go to the FAW Corporate Office to present their drawings.  Laura from Canada and I collaborated on a concept that used green technology, earthen mounds, interactive lighting, a ziggurat and foot bridges to create a playful environment for children and adults. All the artists had finished their 5-10 minute presentations about our ideas by six.  Then it was off to the Sea Food Restaurant, which was located in an old green house in south Changchun.  There were many laughs, stories, toasts and much good food.

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