Entry 5

So let me start by saying that the past two weeks have been a blast.  I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of surviving in a big city.  My internship, class, and living arrangements have been treating me well.  I must say I have no complaints as of yet.

At my internship, they have arranged for us to go on several different trips throughout the course of this semester.  On September 30, I took a tour of the Pentagon.  This tour was very exciting and allowed me to fully understand what the Pentagon is and how it works.  The tour was about 45 minutes and gave me a run-down about the start of the Pentagon.  I would definitely recommend this tour to others.  I also got to attend a shooting range in Maryland.  This was so fun.  I got to shoot a 9mm pistol, a MP5 rifle, and a shotgun.  I must say that the 9mm was my favorite.  It was lightweight and easy to manage.  I was afraid to shoot the guns at first because the sound was horrible.  It’s really loud and hurt my ears badly even though I had earphones on at the site.  I can’t wait to see what next week’s field trips have in store for me!

Also at my internship, I have been assigned to review about 400 cases.  I must read these cases and pick out only the ones that pertain to Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.  The cases are interesting to read and I’m learning how to look at key clues in people’s testimonies.  After pinpointing the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse cases, I must put them in an Excel spreadsheet and present them to the Death Review Board.  This is nerve-racking but I honestly can’t wait for this opportunity.

In my Forensic Psychology class, we had a guest speaker last week who talked about gangs.  This class session was interesting because it opened my eyes to things that not only occur in big cities, but also in small ones.  I was really surprised at where many gangs originated and where they have ended up today.  I hope future topics in this course are as interesting as this one.

When I’m free from my internship and my course, I tend to find volunteer work to engage in on the weekends.  For instance, I participated in the AIDS walk on October 4.  The walk was fun and it gave me the opportunity to donate money to help in finding the cure for AIDS.  Additionally, I received a cool t-shirt for my participation in the walk.  Maybe next year I can return to D.C. and participate in this walk again.  It is well-worth it!  Other volunteer work I have done is at The Carpenter’s Shelter.  This shelter helps the homeless with food and shelter.  I worked as a server on Wednesday night preparing the homeless people’s meals.  Also, on Sunday I worked as a volunteer watching the front desk and seeing that everyone signed in on time.  I enjoy volunteering here and hope to volunteer many more days before I leave.  D.C. could definitely be my “new” home. 


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