UALR and Hendrix Faculty and Student Team Publishes on Sleep Deprivation, Gender, and Sexual Desire

UALR Professor of Psychology David Mastin has collaborated with a combined faculty and student team out of Hendrix University on a study that reports sleep deprivation in men causes them to misread women’s sexual interest and intent, according to a Science Daily story about the publication.

The study findings are somewhat like those found in studies where alcohol, not sleep deprivation, is the variable. The study reports that sleep deprivation does not impact commitment, only perception of sexual interest and intent. Men who are sleep deprived tend to interpret women’s sexual interest and intent as more inviting than it really is. This presents issues in sexual harassment, relationship conflicts, and a number of other arenas.

An abstract of the study has been published in an online portion of the journal SLEEP and findings from this study will be presented at the organization’s 27th annual meeting, SLEEP 2013, in Baltimore, MD.


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