Missed Our Train, Hi-Jacked a Studio, and Other Adventures from our First Day in NYC

June 14 (Day 3)


Today was the fist morning we woke up in our little apartment in Brooklyn.  Olivia, Emily, Rachel and I were trying to make it to a 8:10 Ballet class at Peridance.  We woke up late and were rushing getting leotards on, making sure we had our ballet shoes, and putting our hair into buns.  As we were walking out the door Stephanie asked us to grab some props to bring to Peridance for our rehearsal later that day  at 11:30.  We were rushing towards the subway, and got there in time to see our train leave.  We were not discouraged because we knew it would be nice to explore and there was another ballet class later that afternoon.  We got off in Little Italy, grabbed some coffee, and explored for the next hour.  We were early to Peridance and found a place downstairs to stretch and work out all the kinks from traveling.  Rehearsal started at 11:30 with a warm-up, and then we began to run through the the entire concert.  Originally, we thought our rehearsal time was from 11:30-1:30, but as we were getting into position to run the piece Place, a crowd began to gather outside the door and we realized there was a class in that studio at that time.  We immediately packed up and apologized for keeping them out of the space.  We walked over to a coffee shop and received notes.

At 2:30 Emily, Olivia, Rachel, Trent, Jessica, and I took a ballet class from Jose Traba.  It felt so good to have a ballet class and refreshing to be in a new space with new faces all around.   There were several different levels in the class and even a older lady that pushed through the entire hour and half.  It was very inspiring.  Traba moved quickly through the class, stopping to give us quick, but very helpful corrections.  Everyone felt invigorated after class, and I had another surprise waiting for me outside.  My roomate from Italy, Mariah Hallcket lives in Brooklyn and met me outside of Peridance.  It was so great to see her!  She immediately made friends with all the other dancers and we all left to go explore more of New York.  We stopped by the Grishko store and the girls bought some much needed ballet shoes and leotards.  After we left we looked from some cheap pizza for dinner before we headed to the Alvin Ailey performance.  After eating at Gotham Pizza I grabbed some frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti then we headed to the Lincoln Center.  Mariah and I said our goodbyes for the time being and it was off to the performance.

The Lincoln Center was absolutely beautiful!!! The Ailey company performed Four Corners, Petit Morte, and Revelation.  I had never seen the company perform before, and they had to be some of the most gorgeous dancers I have ever witnessed.  We were on the third level, and I could still feel their passion and energy radiating off the stage.  After the performance we got the opportunity to meet some of the dancers and receive their autographs.  They were all very personable and supportive of us coming to New York and performing.  I later met up with Mariah again, and met her boyfriend and other friends of hers.  It was fun talking to people about how it was living in New York, and how I was going to make my way back.


HartzellElizabeth-1Elizabeth Hartzell started dancing at UALR while working towards her painting degree. Now a senior, she is double-majoring in studio art and dance.  Her choreographic work Look Inside and Awake was chosen to be presented at ACDFA 2013 in Jackson, Mississippi.  She spent the last semester studying in Arezzo, Italy after receiving the Academia dell’Arte scholarship.  There she studied with Rita Petrone, Giorgio Rossi, Sabine Fisher, and Tarantella.

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