Nervous as an M&M in a Skittle Factory!

I had no idea how terrible the traffic in D.C. was. A thirty minute trip us took an hour and a half. It was hot, we were a little lost, and the worst part was being late to my first class at the Washington Ballet. Class started at 7 and I got out of the car at 7:08. When I got to class they were already through pliés and I was nervous as M&M in a skittle factory. As class progressed I was able calm down and actually dance. When class was over I was still doing the grande allegro combination again. I guess I forgot how good ballet felt.

WortheyBlake-headshot01-1Blake Worthey is a simple guy from Memphis, Tennessee where he first caught the dance bug from his dad, who was a street dancer. He learned popping from his dad and used that knowledge to win dance battles in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  He continues to study other, slightly less robotic, dance forms at UALR where he is now a junior, dance performance major.

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