Questions to Ask Your Advisor

Questions About Degree Plans

  • What’s a degree plan, and where do I get one?
  • How do I find information about degree requirements?
  • How do I officially declare a major?
  • Am I required to keep a certain GPA in my chosen major?
  • Does this major require a minor?
  • Are there any prerequisites to this major?
  • Could I do an independent study or special research project as part of my degree plan?

Questions About Advising

  • How am I assigned a department advisor?
  • With whom do I meet in the department about my transer courses counting toward this major?
  • May I visit the department and talk with the faculty?

Questions About Scholarships and Campus Life

  • Are there scholarships available? If so, what are the deadlines for application?
  • Are there internships available?
  • What is the instructor-to-student ratio in my major classes?
  • With whom do I talk about career planning?
  • Are there student organizations or honor societies for my major?