Non-Traditional Student Organization

Mission Statement: The overall mission of the Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO) is to enhance the education and interpersonal experiences of non-traditional students, to promote lifelong learning through collaboration with the university community, to provide services that address the unique needs and life experiences of non-traditional students while supporting and promoting their degree attainment. The specific mission of the NTSO is to oversee implementation of a Non-Traditional Student Scholarship.

The NTSO is here to:

  • Encourage returning non-traditional students to become an effective integral part of the UALR community.
  • Provide a welcoming environment for non-traditional students with various educational goals and to ensure that our collective voices are heard as non-traditional students.
  • Participate, collaborate and host a variety of social events that are family friendly.
  • Serve as NTSP Peer Mentors for the non-traditional students who may need assistance navigating academia.


  • Academic Enhancement
  • Personal/Professional Growth
  • Leaderships Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Career Development
  • Self-Confidence
  • Scholarship Incentives
  • Community Service