General Information and Access

To obtain course offerings:

UALR’s “Class Schedule Search at Your Fingertips” provides the most up-to-date information and shows which class sections are still open. For a specific program’s course offerings, enter the semester [TERM] for which you are seeking information, then select the name of the program offering the course [SUBJECT], then at the bottom of the page select ”Search Class”.

Note: For rehabilitation education majors, some of your required courses will be found under the subject heading “Counseling” [COUN] and some will be found under the subject heading “Counseling Education” [CNSL].

To enter the secure area of BOSS:

USER ID is your UALR ID number, which begins with the capital letter “T”; PIN [Personal Identification Number]: the default is your six digit birthdate (or sometimes is the last six digits of your social security number). It is the secure area of BOSS that you will use to register for courses, access your financial records, access grades, unofficial transcripts.

To obtain your UALR email address:

Enter the secure area of BOSS; Select Personal Information; Select Email address. The general formula for UALR emails is the first letter of your first name, first letter of your middle name [or the letter “x”], and your last name up to a maximum of 12 characters plus For example, the Dept. Ch.’s name is Pat Bussen Smith; her UALR email address is

To access your UALR email account through a web browser:

Web-base access to your UALR email account is available at An alternative URL to use is This alternate access is less cumbersome for users of screenreaders.

Class listservs:

Each semester UALR Computing Services sets up a class listserv for each course section. The course instructor and each student enrolled in the course are automatically subscribed to the respective listserv. The URL for each class is composed of the four letter alpha, the four number course, the three number section plus For example, the class listserv for RHBL 7310 Section 199 is To access the class listserv, you must enter directly through the UALR mail service (see above), not through the Blackboard communication system. To send a message to the entire class, in the “To” box, type in the class listserv address, such as