Required Technical Skills

Students need the following skills in order to participate in an online course.

Using e-mail

  • Sending and receiving messages to individuals or lists
  • Creating or opening attachments to e-mail
  • Printing, saving, and deleting e-mail messages

Using Word Processing Software

  • Saving, deleting, moving, renaming, and printing document files
  • Creating and managing document folders

Using the Internet

  • Searching the web for information
  • Downloading and printing information from websites
  • Downloading, viewing, and/or printing PDF files

These skills are meant to be basic criteria, and in no way override any criteria set forth by any instructor or degree plan. Students should be aware that further requirements (such as prerequisites, class standing, etc.), software, and skills may be required and should prepare themselves for those requirements. The best way for a student to do this is to consult an academic advisor and to sign up for online classes as early as possible to learn of any special requirements.