Technical Support

Password Issues

How do I get a NetID?

The NetID provides access to several online student services. It is not
your username, password, or T-number. At the UALR home page, select BOSS. NetID is listed under Personal Information > Change passwords on UALR Computing Systems screen.

What is my password?

You must set (or reset) the NetID password yourself; there is no default password. To change your NetID password, login to BOSS and choose Personal Information > Change passwords on UALR Computing Systems.

Browser Compatibility

What internet browser should I use with Blackboard?

PC users should use Firefox.
Mac users should use Safari.

Enable Issues

Why can’t I see Blackboard?

PC and Mac users must enable pop-up windows.

JavaScript Issues

Why do I have viewing problems in Blackboard?

Viewing issues can occur if an out dated version of JavaScript is on your computer. Delete old or multiple versions of Java and download the latest version at

Blackboard Accessibility Issues

How can I check my Blackboard accessibility?

Login to Blackboard and check your accessibility by clicking the “check browser” option.

Technical Assistance

If technical problems continue, contact UALR Computing Services at 1.501.569.8720.