Important Attributes of Cooperative Education Internship & Career Services:

  • A partnership among students, employers and UALR.
  • An HR tool for employers who want to recruit bright and highly motivated student employees.
  • A structured academic program that allows qualified students the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom.
  • A dynamic industry partnership!

Significant Advantages of Cooperative Education Internship & Career Services:

  • Financial
    Earn competitive wages on top of gaining relevant work experience.
  • In a Co-op, you will earn academic credit hours toward your degree.  We have partnered with faculty so that Co-op students may earn academic credit in their major.
  • Learning
    Expand your learning potential beyond the classroom setting.  The learning cycle works both ways because you can then use what you learned at the worksite to improve your understanding of your academic material in the classroom.
  • Career
    Many students do not have the opportunity to gain “real world” experience in their field of interest before graduation.  Upon graduation, you will have relevant work experience, and will have established a valuable network of employer relationships.  Many of UALR’s Co-op and internship graduates are offered full-time positions with their employer.