College of Science

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ETAS, Room 125, (501) 569-3151, (501) 569-8017 (fax), Website

Interim Dean:
Ann Bain, Professor

Associate Dean:
Thomas J. Lynch, Professor

csambanner_optThe College of Science (COS) is the home of instruction and research in the many fields of science, mathematics, health science and nursing. Our goals are to enhance the educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, to enhance science and mathematics education in Arkansas, to expand research opportunities for faculty and students, and to strengthen our many partnerships with schools, corporations and government in order to improve the economic strength of our region.The College provides coursework for preparation of graduates in mathematics, the sciences, health sciences, and nursing. The objectives of COS for our majors are to provide content, attitudes, and skills necessary for careers in science, mathematics, and health science needed to meet the highly technical demands of today’s society. Within our graduate programs, we provide advanced training for persons who expect to pursue a career in one of these fields. In addition, many courses within COS are necessary to meet general education requirements and for certain other majors throughout the University.
Program Certificate or Degree Program Department
Applied Sciences Master’s (M.S.) Applied Sciences
Applied Sciences Doctorate (Ph.D.) Applied Sciences
Applied Statistics Graduate Certificate Mathematics and Statistics
Biology Master’s (M.A.) Biology
Biology Master’s (M.S.) Biology
Chemistry Master’s (M.A.) Chemistry
Chemistry Master’s (M.S.) Chemistry
Geospatial Technology Graduate Certificate Earth Sciences
Health, Human Performance and Sport Management Master’s (M.S.) Health, Human Performance and Sport Management
Integrated Sciences & Mathematics Master’s (M.S.) College of Science
Mathematical Sciences Master’s (M.S.) Mathematical Sciences