College of Education & Health Professions

Dickinson Hall, Room 323, (501) 569-3113, (501) 569-8694 (fax), Website, View/Download PDF Version

Ann Bain, Professor

Interim Associate Dean for for Education and Graduate Programs:
Judith A. Hayn, Associate Professor

Associate Dean for the Health Professions and Undergraduate Programs:
Shannon Collier-Tenison, Associate Professor

The College of Education and Health Professions brings together several of UALR’s most well established and successful professional programs that are each individually accredited:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Teacher Education
  • Audiology and Speech Pathology
  • Health and Human Performance and Sports Management
  • Nursing
  • CARE (Counseling, Adult & Rehabilitation Education)
  • School of Social Work

By emphasizing multidisciplinary collaboration and sharing departmental strengths, the new college is poised to become a 21st century leader in opening doors to high-demand careers for graduates of all ages.

General Information

The college offers degree programs ranging from Associate of Applied Science (AAS) to doctoral degrees. An Associate of Applied Science degree is offered in Nursing and an Associate of Science degree is offered in American Sign Language. Both the Bachelor of Art (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees are offered through CEHP’s undergraduate programs. These include a BA in Interpretation: ASL/English; a BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders; a BS in K-12 Health & Physical Education; a BS in Health Education and Promotion; a BS in Nursing; BSE in Elementary Education and BSE in Middle Childhood Education; a BSE in Special Education; and a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). The Secondary Education (SCED) Minor prepares students to teach in content specific areas such as Art, Physical Education, Social Studies, English, Math, and the Sciences. As noted above, the college offers various master’s, education specialist, and doctorate degrees as well.

Department Catalog Links

Educational Leadership
  • Upper-level courses offered, no undergraduate degree programs.
Teacher Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Education in Middle Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Education in Special Education
Health Professions:
Audiology & Speech Pathology
  • Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Counseling, Adult, & Rehabilitation Education
  • Associate of Science in American Sign Language
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation: ASL/English
Health, Human Performance & Sport Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Health,Education & Promotion
  • • Bachelor of Science in K-12 Health & Physical Education with Secondary Education Minor
  • Associate of Applied Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Social Work
  • Bachelor of Social Work

College Core (14 hours)

Math (3 hours)

All Courses approved by the Core Council. See “General Education Requirements.”

Science (8 hours)

All Courses approved by the Core Council. See “General Education Requirements.”

Flex (3 hours)

All Courses approved by the Core Council. See “General Education Requirements.”