Department of Educational Leadership

Dickinson Hall, Room 419, (501) 569‐3267, (501) 569‐3547 (fax), Website, View/Download PDF Version

Vaughn‐Neely, Elizabeth Associate Professor

Barrett, T. Gregory
Pearson, L. Carolyn
Robinson, Ann E.
Spillers, David S.
Suter, W. Newton

Associate Professors:
Donaldson, Charles W.
Duyar, Ibrahim
Fincher, Mark E.
Gilleland, Diane S.
Hughes, Gail D.
MacFarlane, Bronwyn
Vander Putten, Jim

Assistant Professors:
Kuykendall, John A.
McCreery, Michael
Tsemunhu, Rudo

Research Associate:
Cotabish, Alicia

There are five units housed in Educational Leadership including
  1. Educational Administration and Supervision (EDAS),
  2. Educational Foundations (EDFN),
  3. Gifted and Talented Education (GATE),
  4. Higher Education (HIED), and
  5. Learning Systems Technology Education (LSTE).

The EDAS program offers masters degrees, specialist degrees, school level administrator licensure, central office administrator licensure, superintendency licensure, and a doctoral degree in Educational Administration and Supervision tailored to the candidates professional needs and aspirations; Higher Education (HIED) offers two masters degrees, College Student Affairs and Two‐Year College Teaching, and a doctorate with concentrations in Faculty Development, Higher Education Administration, Student Affairs Administration, or Two‐Year College Leadership; the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program offers a masters degree and licensure in Gifted and Talented Education P‐8 and/or 7‐12, a concentration in Gifted Education in the EDAS doctorate, and a certificate in Teaching Advanced Placement; and the Learning Systems Technology (LSTE) offers a masters degree with specialty areas in Instructional Program Development, Educational Technology Product Development, and Educational Technology Management. The Educational Foundations (EDFN) unit does not offer degrees however, is an integral component of all College of Education programs offering courses throughout the college.


Courses in Educational Foundations (EDFN)

Course in Teaching Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (TDHH)