Department of Public Administration-Institute of Government

Ross Hall, Room 628, (501) 569-3211, (501) 569-8514 (fax), Website, View/Download PDF Version

Hunter Bacot, Professor

Robertson, Roby D.
Stevenson, Jerry G.

Associate Professor:
Wigand, Dianne

Assistant Professors:
Craw, Michael
Edwards, Vickie

UALR’s Institute of Government offers the master of public administration degree and the graduate certificate in nonprofit management programs to prepare students for professional management and leadership positions at all levels of government and nonprofit sectors. The Institute of Government offers undergraduate public administration courses for application in poverty studies, urban studies, and political science. The department is active in these undergraduate programs: Nonprofit Leadership Studies, Shepherd Poverty Studies, and Urban Affairs. For more information about Public Administration see the UALR Graduate Catalog. For questions regarding the Nonprofit Management Program, please contact Dr. Vickie Edwards,, (501) 569-8026.

Courses in Public Administration (PADM) and Courses in Poverty Studies (PVYS)