Department of Applied Communication

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Chatham-Carpenter, April, Professor

Driskill, Gerald W.
Thompson, Carol L.

Associate Professor:
McIntyre, Kristen
Mirivel, Julian
Thombre, AvinashAssistant Professors:
Fuller, Ryan

Senior Instructors:
Johnston, Cheryl
Johnston, Melissa

Halford, Katie

The mission of the Department of Applied Communication is to foster the co-creation of better social worlds through positive communication.Major, minors, and all students taking our courses engage in practical application of communication principles that equip them for improving their professional and personal lives. When employers list skills they most desire in employees, we find that our department addresses at least 8 of those top skills.

Introductory Course in Applied Communication

The department also offers SPCH 1300, which is an option in many UALR college cores and required by some UALR college cores or specific programs. SPCH 1300 develops competency in foundational interpersonal communication skills as well as foundational public speaking skills, making this a course that will undoubtedly set students up for success throughout their undergraduate work at UALR as well as their future careers.

Students who feel they already possess the competencies developed in SPCH 1300 may attempt to test out. For information about test dates, required fees, and test content, students should contact the Office of Testing Services and Student Life Research.

Major in Applied Communication

The curriculum in the major is designed to support the learning needs of students with a desire to communicate more effectively in their personal and professional lives. Effective communication skills and knowledge are highly sought after by employers. Our students work in for profit, non-profit, healthcare, and governmental contexts.

The major requires 34 credit hours beyond Applied Communication 1300, including Applied Communication 2310, 2311, 3320, 4300, 4110 and either 4312 or 4357; three courses (nine hours) chosen from the Professional Communication course listing; three courses (nine hours) chosen from the Applied Communication Elective course listing.

Also required for majors in Applied Communication is an intercultural competency requirement of 6 hours beyond the SPCH 4312 or 4357 requirement.  This six hour requirement may be fulfilled by taking six additional hours that focus on intercultural issues.  Thus, a student may take courses in a foreign language to fulfill this requirement, Race & Ethnicity minor classes, study abroad opportunities, or courses in other departments or in our department  (above and above the required courses above) that focus on intercultural issues.

Recommended minors for this curriculum are Psychology, Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit Leadership Studies, Journalism, Professional and Technical Writing, Human Services, Marketing, Professional Selling, and Information Technology. Potential majors may secure an advisor by contacting the department. A grade of C or greater must be attained to fulfill a course requirement for the major.

Minor in Applied Communication

The minor in Applied Communication requires 18 hours beyond SPCH 1300, including SPCH 2310, 3320, and 12 upper-level hours in applied communication.

Minor in Professional Communication

The minor in professional communication is designed to enhance communication skills necessary for success in a student’s chosen career. The minor requires 18 hours beyond ACOM 1300, including ACOM 2310, 3320, nine hours from 3316, 3322, 3323, 3330, 3340, and 4311 and 3 additional upper-level hours in applied communication.

Graduate Program

The department offers a master’s degree in applied communication studies. See the UALR Graduate Catalog for details.

Applied Communication Education

Students seeking secondary teacher licensure in applied communication should contact an advisor in the department. See “Secondary Teacher Licensure.”

Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications

General: 120 minimum total hours, including 45 hours of upper-level courses (3000-4000 level), and 30 hours in residence

First-Year Colloquium (0-3 hours)

Required of full-time freshmen entering college for the first time and transfer students with less than 12 hours of credit. (See page 36 for details)

Core (35 hours)

See page 25 for requirement details.

Intercultural Competency (9 hours)

The university does not require completion of a foreign language for graduation.  Certain colleges or programs may elect to require a language.  The Department of Applied Communication requires 9 hours of an intercultural competency that must be fulfilled by taking 6 additional hours beyond ACOM 4312 or ACOM 4357 that focus on intercultural areas to meet the 9 hour requirement.  These 6 hours may be fulfilled by taking a foreign language, studying abroad, or by taking other courses that have an intercultural focus (for example, courses from the Race & Ethnicity minor).  Please see the department for approval for courses in other departments.

Major (34 hours)
Foundational Courses (12 hours)

ACOM 2310 Human Communication Concepts
ACOM 2311 Intro to Communication Research
ACOM 3320 Advanced Public Speaking
ACOM 4312: Intercultural Communication
or ACOM 4357: Communicating with Difference

Professional Communication (Select 9 hours)

ACOM 3316 Interviewing
SPCH 3322 Small Group Communication
SPCH 3323 Conflict Management
SPCH 3330 Professional Communication
SPCH 3340 Communication Ethics
SPCH 4311 Organizational Communication
SPCH 4357 Communicating with Difference

Capstone (4 hours)

SPCH 4300 Senior Seminar
SPCH 4110 Senior Presentation

Electives (Select 9 hours)

SPCH 3300 Interpersonal Communication
SPCH 3315 Gender Communication
SPCH 3350 Nonverbal Communication
SPCH 4312 Intercultural Communication
SPCH 4313 Seminar: Studies in Communication
SPCH 4324 Organizational Communication II
SPCH 4323 Family Communication
SPCH 4100 Independent Study
SPCH 4201 Independent Study
SPCH 4314 Internship
SPCH 4315 Cooperative Education in Applied Communication

Minor (none required)
Unrestricted General Electives

Remaining hours, if any, to reach 120 minimum total hours, 45 hours of upper-level courses (3000-4000 level), and/or 30 hours in residence.

Courses in the Department of Applied Communication