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How to Get Help | UALR Students | Registration Guide

How to Get Help

Often the information you need can be obtained on the UALR website at or by telephone. Departmental numbers are included in their respective sections within the Catalog. For other numbers, consult the business pages in the Little Rock telephone directory. For information not included on the UALR web site, go directly to the office with the title that matches your needs: the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of Records and Registration are most often needed by incoming students.

These offices are located on the second floor of the Student Services Center.

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising provides advice on the selection of required courses and programs for undeclared majors. All students who are undecided about a specific field of study must contact this office, located on the third floor of Student Services Center.

If you have decided on a major or have narrowed your choice to a few areas, contact either the academic advisor, the chairperson of the appropriate department, or the dean of the college or school.

If you have a problem or concern regarding student life on campus, or have a question about student judicial affairs, start at the Office of Campus Life, located on the upper level of the Donaghey Student Center.

An Information Center is also located in the Donaghey Student Center on the first floor across from the bookstore; personnel there can assist you with specific questions. The UALR Registration Guide and Class Schedule, which is described on the following page, contains the office locations and telephone numbers of the academic advisors. Department chairpersons and deans are appropriate people to contact for any academic problem at any time. All academic units are under the direction of the provost and executive vice chancellor.

The Catalog provides you with background information about the university and programs that are available. You will also find other important information to assist you. The rest of the catalog is arranged by colleges and then departments or divisions within each college. Each of these sections describes the requirements for a major or a minor in that area, as well as all the courses the department offers. Most courses are scheduled at least once every two years. The section titled “Interdisciplinary Studies” describes degrees that involve work in more than one department or college.


UALR Students

One of the most exciting things about UALR is the diversity reflected in the student body. The campus includes people ranging from the usual college age of 18-21, to many over 60. Most students work at least part time, and many are married. Many go to college part time and take one, two, or three courses a semester. Some students take courses for personal enrichment or job advancement without immediate plans to get a degree. About a third are going to college at night only. More than 60 percent of the students are women, about 29 percent are African-American, and a growing number are international students.


Office of Records and Registration

Malissa Mathis, Interim Registrar
Student Services Center, 2nd Floor, (501) 569-3110

Records Website | Registration Website
The primary functions of the Office of Records and Registration are to manage registration in classes and maintain the official academic records of all UALR students. The office provides a number of online services to students through their BOSS accounts, such as the following:

  • Register for Classes
  • Request Enrollment Verification
  • Request Degree Verification
  • Order Official Transcripts
  • Print an Unofficial Transcript

The academic year includes two regular semesters in the fall and spring, each with two accelerated sessions within the term, and a summer semester with four terms. Some courses are also available between semesters during late spring and winter interim and through the Accelerated Program.

The unit of credit is the semester hour. This unit is defined as credit earned for the completion of one hour per week in class for one semester. Two hours or more of laboratory work per week for one semester equal one-semester hour of credit. UALR offers night and weekend courses, web-based courses, courses on campus and at various off-campus locations. Admission requirements, fees, and academic performance for night and weekend classes are the same as for day classes. Web-based courses are charged a technology fee.

Continuing-education courses are offered as a service to specific professional and vocational groups of the community. These are available on both credit and non-credit basis.

Online Registration Guide and Class Search

After you have been advised, the next step toward taking courses at UALR is to view the UALR Registration Guide and Class Search.

The UALR Registration Guide and Class Search contain information on the web registration process and lists the courses that will be offered during specific semesters by course, time, location, and instructor. The Guide and Search also contain the academic calendar, the final examination schedule, and deadlines for various activities during the semester.

The UALR Registration Guide and Class Search contain information on the web registration process and lists the courses that will be offered during specific semesters by course, time, location, and instructor. The Guide and Search also contain the academic calendar, the final examination schedule, and deadlines for various activities during the semester. UALR offers courses in the fall, spring, and summer. The Summer semesters are divided into one 10-week term (Summer I), and three 5-week terms (Summer II, III, and IV). UALR also offers courses at other times, such as during the interim between each semester and at different time periods during a semester or term.

A student may not enroll for more than 18 credit hours in a regular semester (Fall or Spring) or more than 7 credit hours in a five-week Summer term without prior permission of the person who approves his or her degree plan.

Courses and programs are also offered through distance delivery as well as at off-campus locations. Off-campus and online credit courses are identified by location in the UALR Registration Guide and Class Search.

During a regular semester or term, the usual three-credit-hour daytime course will meet for 50 minutes a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or for 1 hour and 15 minutes on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

Some classes will meet on different time schedules, such as one three-hour session per week. All these options are part of UALR’s effort to offer classes in times and places that suit the needs of all students, but it also means you have to read the UALR Registration Guide and Class Search carefully.
A typical course entry and an explanation of each part of this listing is provided below. The format of the information may vary depending on which view of the student schedule you use, but the meaning of each component will be the same.


Sample Class Search Entry

Screen shot 2012-08-24 _opt

CRN: 60736 The five-digit course reference number (CRN) assigned for registration. The five-digit CRN number is necessary for registration and is not the same as the course number.

Subject HIST The department or curriculum area with its assigned four-letter code. In this case, it is “HIST” for “History.” See “Four-Letter Course Codes” for more details.

Course Number 1311 The course number assigned by the department. It indicates the level and number of credit hours for the course. Note: The second number indicated the semester hours. This class is 3 semester credit hours.

Section 01 The section number assigned by the department.

Title Hist Of Civilization I The course title. Abbreviated versions of longer course titles may be used. Descriptions of all courses appear within their respective departments in numerical order by course number.

Available Seats: 0 This is the total number of students that may sign up for this class.

Class meets MWF The days the class meets, in this case each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Other abbreviations include “MW” or Monday and Wednesday, “TR” or Tuesday and Thursday, “S” means Saturday, “U” means Sunday, and “TBA” indicates “to be announced.” “TBA” is often used for online classes.

8:00 am – 8:50 am The time the class begins and ends. The abbreviation TBA in this place means “to be announced.” The exact time for TBA courses will be provided by the department or instructor.

Instructor: Anson, Edward M The name of the instructor assigned to this class. If the word “Staff” appears here, the teacher for the class had not yet been assigned at the time the schedule was prepared.