Second Language Requirement

BA Students

Some degree programs require a demonstration of proficiency in a second language. Students who wish to meet second language requirements by demonstrating proficiency should take either the CAPE test or the American Sign Language Proficiency test before enrolling in UALR language courses. These tests are also used to determine placement in the appropriate language courses.

The following students do not need to take the test before enrolling in a language course:

  • Students who have already completed UALR second language courses.
  • Students who have completed university-level courses for transfer credit in French, German, Spanish, or ASL*.
  • Students who have never studied French, German, Spanish, or ASL before and are enrolling in first semester courses in these languages.

*Courses in signing systems other than ASL such as manually coded English and conversational sign language will normally not apply. Contact the Department of Counseling, Adult and Rehabilitation Education (CARE) for more information.

Second language course waivers may be granted to students with verified disabilities, after examination by a special committee. Students seeking such a waiver should contact the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at (501) 569-3204.

French or Spanish

Students must take a computerized, multiple-choice test (the FCAPE or the S-CAPE) coordinated by the Office of Testing Services and Student Life Research.

To demonstrate proficiency in a language other than French or Spanish, students should contact the Department of International and Second Language Studies, Stabler Hall 201 at 501.569.3272.

American Sign Language (ASL)

Students may take a two-part test administered by the Department of Counseling, Adult, and Rehabilitation Education’s (CARE) interpreter education program. The first part of the test is a written multiple-choice exam. The second part is an interview with the program faculty conducted in American Sign Language. Results of both the written test and interview are shared with the student at the end of the interview. Students should contact the Department of CARE for an appointment.

English as a Second Language

Students whose first language is not English may use the following core courses (9 credit hours) to satisfy the second language requirement:

RHET 1311 Composition I,
RHET 1312 Composition II,
and ENGL 2337 World Literature
or ENGL 2338 World Literature Themes
or PHIL 2320 Ethics and Society