Diversity Council Members

The Diversity Council is made up of a cross-section of staff and faculty at UALR who have backgrounds and/or expertise in various diversity issues.

Academic Affairs

  • John Miller, Professor, Social Work | CHAIR
  • Christina Drale, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs | CO-CHAIR
  • Eduardo Garcia, Professional Instructor, Criminal Justice
  • Hassan Elsalloukh, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • John Kuykendall, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
  • Catherine Crisp, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
  • LaKeisha Jones, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Sheri Tucker, Assistant Professor; College of Education

Student Affairs

  • Marie Sandusky, Director, Health Services
  • Hyginus Ukadike, Student Development Specialist, Counseling and Career Planning
  • Brad Patterson, Interim Vice Provost, Division of Student Affairs

Ex Officio

  • Sharon Downs, Director, Disability Resource Center
  • Adjoa Aiyetoro, Director, Racial Disparities in the Arkansas Criminal Justice System project