Diversity Council Members

The Diversity Council is made up of a cross-section of staff and faculty at UALR who have backgrounds and/or expertise in various diversity issues.

Executive Committee

  • Sharon Downs, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Wellness and Inclusion | CHAIR
  • Christina Drale, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs – Faculty Relations and Administration  | CO-CHAIR (ex officio)
  • Greg Robinson, Professor, Audiology and Speech Pathology | SECRETARY


  • Brandon Burdette, Bio-science doctoral student
  • Dylan Wright, Spanish / Political Science undergraduate student


  • Carlos Albert, Desktop Support, Information Technology Services
  • Mya Sandi Aung, Senior Program Manager, Children International
  • Regina Carter, Director, Public Safety
  • Molly Castner, Senior Woman Administrator, Athletics
  • Dara Goad, Assistant Human Resources Manager – Budget/Recruitment, Human Resources
  • Vernard Henley, Assistant Dean, College of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Sarah Porter, Director, Intensive English Language Program
  • Hyginus Ukadike, Counselor, Counseling Services
  • Amber Wolf, Coordinator, Chancellor’s Leadership Corps


  • David Briscoe, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Catherine Crisp, Associate Professor, School of Social Work
  • Sarah Beth Estes, Executive Director, Community and Career Engagement
  • Jane Evans, Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
  • Juliana Flinn, Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Ray James, Faculty, Interpreter Education Program, Education and Health Professions
  • Daryl Tate, Program Coordinator, Learning Systems Technology, Department of Education
  • Tusty ten Bensel, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice