Past Presidents & Chancellors

In 1927 Little Rock Junior College opened to provide college-level courses to central Arkansas citizens who wanted and needed access to higher education. Classes met in a few unused rooms at Little Rock Senior High School and were led by one full-time teacher and a small group of part-time instructors who also taught in the high school. In its first year, ā€œJayceeā€ā€”as students soon referred to the new collegeā€”enrolled approximately 100 students paying five dollars per semester hour for the collegeā€™s two-year liberal arts program. Today the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a comprehensive research university with 13,000 students.

Throughout its history, UALR has enjoyed visionary leadership from its presidents and chancellors.


R.C. Hall (1927-1930)
John A. Larson (1930-1949)
Granville Davis (1950ā€1954)
E.Q. Brothers (acting president 1954ā€1956)
Carey V. Stabler (1956ā€1969)


Carey V. Stabler (1969ā€1972)
James H. Fribourgh (acting chancellor 1972ā€ 1973, 1982)
G. Robert Ross (1973ā€1982)
James H. Young (1982ā€1992)
Charles E. Hathaway (1993ā€2002)
Joel E. Anderson (2003ā€present)