Majors in Chemistry

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Honors Program Chemistry

The department also offers an honors program in chemistry. To graduate with honors a student must:

1. maintain an overall grade point average of 3.20 or better,

2. maintain a grade point average of 3.20 or better in chemistry courses,

3. complete at least four credit hours of a faculty-directed laboratory research project and present the findings in a scientific meeting or departmental seminar,

4. and meet ACS certifications requirements.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must meet all degree requirements. In addition, transfer students must successfully complete at UALR a minimum of six hours of upper-level chemistry courses for a major in chemistry or three hours of upper-level chemistry courses for a minor in chemistry.

Options in Freshman Chemistry

Students who have had two units of high school algebra and high school chemistry and demonstrate proficiency on the Mathematics Placement Exam should take CHEM 1402 and 1403 (General Chemistry I and II)..

Students who have had no high school chemistry and have a weak high school mathematics background but are interested in a preprofessional or science degree should take CHEM 1300 (Preparation for Organic Chemistry), CHEM 1402 and 1403 (General Chemistry I and II).

Students whose major field requires only eight hours of freshman chemistry should take CHEM 1400 and 1401 (Fundamental Chemistry I and II). This sequence will prepare a student to take CHEM 2450 Organic Chemistry-Short Course, but no other upper-level chemistry courses.