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 Calton DavisIMG_6130

Calton Davis is an Business Information Systems major. As a senior CLC scholar for the 2015-2016 academic year, he is very active on and off campus.. CLC has helped him branch out on campus where he participates in many organizations.  Calton is currently the President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at UALR, President of AAMI Advisory Board, a College of Business Ambassador, a project manager and math mentor for Dr. Charles W. Donaldson Scholars Academy, a member of the Executive Student Committee for Green Dot Bystander Awareness, a member of the UALR Behavioral Standards Committee, tutor for both Franklin and Bale Elementary, and a UALR Orientation leader.  He has enjoyed his college experience and considered it memorable and entertaining.  Over the past years, he has learned a lot about himself and the community, a learning community that he credits to the CLC program.   He is beyond thankful for CLC and says that it gave him the opportunity to step outside of his comfort zone and grow tremendously.  “Growth only occurs when you are able to put yourself in unfamiliar territory.  In success or failure, you will find something new about yourself.  Accept every opportunity as a new lesson to learn and keep growing.”  Calton uses this quote as inspiration and reminds himself of it when he is presented with a new opportunity.  After graduation I plan on pursuing a Doctoral degree in Business Information Systems and later pursuing a career in Systems or Data analysis.


Alexis Martin

Alexis Martin

Alexis Martin is an Early Childhood Education major. As a senior CLC scholar for the 2014-2015 academic year, she has been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout her college career. CLC has helped her connect with other students as she started her college experience. The scholarship has provided her with the opportunity to further her education at the college level. Currently, she is the historian for Kappa Delta Pi and is also the lead teacher in the preschool ministry at her church. She has done all of this while coming in as a newly-wed upon entering college. Two years into college, she gave birth to her first child. With her schedule of being a mom, a wife, and a student, she has really enjoyed the flexibility in scheduling and fairly small classes. As she got deeper into her degree program, she formed relationships with fellow peers and professors that will live on beyond graduation. She is thankful that the staff at UALR truly care about my success as a student.


Mary-Kate Williams

Marmky-Kate Williams is majoring in Biology with a minor in photography. She is a senior CLC scholar for the 2014-2015 academic year. Currently, she is a College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences Ambassador and serving on the Student Philanthropy Council. Mary-Kate has kept her GPA up to a 3.80 and has had many opportunities to further her studies of Biology at UALR and outside of UALR. At UALR, she was able to help a Master’s student study Baltimore Checkerspot butterflies in the Ozark Mountains. She also had the opportunity to spend a summer at the University of Georgia’s Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU site researching a protozoan parasite that has affected monarch butterfly populations in eastern North America.  Through CLC, she started volunteering at the Museum of Discovery, and after many hours of volunteering, she was offered a position there as a weekend educator and Animal Care Technician. Through CLC, she learned that she could reach out to her professors and mentors. Without that advice, she would not have had the opportunity to study the Baltimore Checkerspot butterflies or to apply to internships across the country. CLC has also helped her get out of her comfort zone and meet new people. When she came into college, Mary-Kate knew only a few people, but thanks to CLC, she knows she will be graduating with multiple friends that she met over the course of her college career.

Alex McDonald


Alex McDonald is working towards a degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology as a senior CLC scholar for the 2014-2015 academic year. After graduation, he plans on obtaining a job in his field of study. Alex is interested in a variety of positions, but his main goal right now is to obtain a job he enjoys after he graduates to be able to fund his graduate degree. Currently, Alex is on the Green Dot Students Advisory Council and the Student Advisory Board for the African American Male Initiative (AAMI). He is the Secretary for Brother’s Keeper, Historian for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Kappa Psi Chapter and a member of the Tau Alpha Pi Engineering Technology Honor Society and of Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society. Since being in college, Alex has encountered a lot of different people. He remembers one person in particular: a young man he met freshman year. This guy sat on the elevator floor in West Hall for hours and just rode the elevator as students got on and off and never said a word. His freshman year was full of fun, excitement, and many new experiences. For Alex, CLC was critical for his transition from high school to college. It helped make that move smooth and fun. Since he came in on the right track, and CLC has helped him stay there, he hasn’t strayed away since.


10668695_10152665121831140_982491441880806598_oBrittany Connell

Brittany Connell is a senior CLC scholar for the 2014-2015 academic year. She is working towards obtaining her degree in Bachelor of Business Administration in General Finance. Throughout her college career, she has maintained a 3.76 GPA.  She plans to pursue a career that matches her interests in the field of finance and management. Currently, she is interning with USAble Life this spring as a member of the Process Management Team to gain experience in the field that complements her degree. Brittany doesn’t just keep busy with studying. She is currently a College of Business Ambassador, a Resident Assistant, and a member of the Usher Team at Grace Fellowship Church. Brittany stays involved on campus and has met many new friends to make her experience at UALR memorable. CLC played a huge role in her success in college. She was pushed out of our comfort zone through workshops for the students to really get to know each other and become a family. She learned how to get connected, not only on campus but in the community as well through various community service activities. Having a mentor there to help monitor her grades and counsel her through big decisions has been essential to her success.

Her experience here at UALR has been unforgettable. From her freshman year, she did not anticipate all of the amazing opportunities that she would have now. The sense of community here from friends to the amazing staff has grown over the years and has helped her grow to be who she is today. Being in CLC was just a start to her journey here. She is looking forward to career searching with the help of the dedicated mentors and staff on campus to guide her along the way.

Hannah McIntyre

Hannah McIntyre is a senior CLC scholar for the 2014-2015 academic year. She has an accumulated GPA of 3.57 going towards her degree in German Studies and English Secondary Education. After graduation, she plans to work towards obtaining her masters degree while teaching English in either middle school or high school. While at UALR, she has been able to student teach at schools like Central High and Pulaski Heights Middle. These schools taught her a lot about what her future occupation would be like. It gave her the chance to work hands on with kids, which is something she loves to do. Outside of school, Hannah spends a lot of time coaching. She coaches a 12 year old girls soccer team and a 3 and 4 year old soccer team called the Grasskickers at Westside Futbol Club. When she’s not coaching, she is playing for the UALR women’s soccer team. The Chancellor’s Leadership Corps helped support her financially to be able to attend UALR and to join the team. With CLC, it allowed her to meet many new people when she arrived and to get involved in volunteer opportunities. Being able to join the women’s soccer team led to being able to take a trip to New Mexico. While there, they got to play two very big schools. Flying to New Mexico wasn’t her only time in the air. Last summer, she was able to study abroad in Düsseldorf, Germany with UALR and enjoyed every moment of it.


Shakeyah Jackson

For the 2014-15 school year, Shakeyah Jackson will be a senior CLC scholar.  She is working towards getting a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and currently has a GPA of 3.20. After she graduates, she plans on working full time as a registered nurse to gain a few years of experience. She then will go on to become a traveling nurse. Her lifetime career goal is to become an Advanced Practitioner Nurse in Women’s Health. Shakeyah currently holds the position of Health Promotion Chairman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. While at UALR, her most memorable experience was completing the nursing program and obtaining her ASN. This is one of her greatest accomplishments throughout her college career so far. CLC helped make the transition from high school to college easier than Shakeyah expected. She loves being creative and expressing herself through artwork and uses it as a stress reliever. Though she has always had an introverted personality, being in CLC gave her the opportunity to branch off from her comfort zone and build lifelong friendships. She is afraid of heights, but she pushed herself to take on the challenge of climbing Pinnacle Mountain this past summer. After reaching the top, she realized that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to – all it takes is determination, perseverance, and faith. Through her years of being involved with CLC, she has become more aware of the importance of scholarship, leadership, and giving back to the community.” [CLC] gives you the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally as an individual.”

Justin SmithJustin Smith

Justin Smith is a senior CLC scholar for the 2014-15 year. He is majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Finance. Justin is working towards obtaining his MBA and becoming a business analyst. Throughout his college career, Justin has been able to keep his GPA at a 4.0. Though he is a Resident Assistant on campus, and currently working in South Hall, Justin still finds time to serve on the usher team at his church, Grace Fellowship. CLC has provided him with the opportunity to get plugged into the community and to be able to serve the people and organizations that are our own. They have also helped keep him on track with his grades by checking in on him throughout his college career to make sure he is well equipped to be successful in the future. In class, he has seen some pretty unusual things. One morning, a student brought a hot plate to class and proceeded to make their breakfast during a lecture. During his time at UALR, Justin has always been involved in intramural sports. The Hash Slinging Slashers was created his freshman year and are still going strong today with many of the original players. The Hash Slinging Slashers has helped create some of the most memorable experiences for Justin at UALR.

 Allison Jackson1653649_10151830659632470_978199306_n

Allison Jackson is a senior CLC scholar for the 2014-15 school year. She is working on her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She is currently the president of UALR’s Biology Club, the secretary of Alpha Epsilon Delta (a pre-medical society), a member of Friday Fellows and the American Chemical Society. She works as an intern at Hospice Home Care. She currently has a GPA of 3.95. After she graduates in the spring, she hopes to attend UAMS Medical School and work towards becoming a hospice medicine/palliative care physician or a pediatric physician. Allison’s most memorable experience at UALR is working with UALR Biology Club. As a sophomore, she attended her first club meeting and knew she needed to become part of the fun, nerdy, science family she had met. That year, she became the historian, and the next year became the vice president. She continued on with her involvement and is now President. Every year the Biology club gets together to have camping trips, go canoeing, clean up Coleman Creek on campus, and have other science related events and volunteer activities. While working in and around Coleman Creek, Allison has realized how natural our campus is with a beautiful focal point like Coleman Creek. Every month, the Stream Team goes out and cleans up trash in and around Coleman Creek. They are always finding strange things like soft shelled turtles and a variety of fish. Allison was excited about attending UALR due to it’s ties with UAMS and other hospitals. Being in Arkansas’s state capital has allowed her to make connections and become an intern at the Hospice Home Care. She has her CLC and Biology Department family to make her feel at home away from home. Through small classes, she has gotten to know her professors and mentors well. CLC gave Allison the leaderships, as well as the communication skills, needed to become a leader on campus and in the community. CLC has helped her make connections to get other scholarships including the Friday Fellows Leadership Program. She still has a strong connection with CLC because they are such an accepting program. Though she came in as a freshman with bright pink hair, she was accepted and her excellence in Biology and Chemistry classes didn’t go unnoticed. CLC gave her the boost she needed to make new friends, to volunteer throughout college, and to become a great leader on campus.

Kelsay WilliamsPhoto-5

Kelsay Williams is a senior CLC scholar for the 2013-14 school year. She is a Speech Communication major with a minor in Digital Graphics. She is currently a Chancellor’s Leadership Corps Junior Mentor and serves on the Student Philanthropy Council at UALR. Kelsay is graduating a year early with a 3.86 cumulative GPA. She plans on attending graduate school to obtain her Masters in Applied Communication or Health Communication either in state or out of state. Her ultimate goal is to obtain a Doctorate Degree. Her most memorable experience was at the Cardboard Boat Regatta in Spring 2013. That year, she had to step in to take a student’s place in rowing a cardboard boat. Though she was unprepared, she still went in the boat wearing jeans and a t-shirt. CLC has impacted her college experience by giving her a new outlook on her college career. She came in unsure of what she wanted to major in, but with the help of her CLC mentors and friends, she found her way. She loves the friends, co-workers, and mentors she has met through CLC. Kelsay loves CLC with all of her heart and is grateful for the time and experiences she has had with CLC. She plans to come back to see how the CLC program has grown.


296271_1588072734892_1624474481_nVirginia Chambers

Virginia Chambers is a senior CLC scholar for the 2013-14 school year. She has been very passionate about Speech-Language Pathology since high school and has pursued her passion at UALR to obtain her degree with a minor in American Sign Language. She has maintained a 3.78 GPA over her college career. Virginia is in the process of applying to many different Graduate Schools and will hopefully start in the fall. One of the most memorable experiences for Virginia at UALR was running for homecoming queen. She was voted as the representative for CLC. Though she did not win, she had a great experience getting to meet new people throughout the process. Chancellor’s Leadership Corps has truly given Virginia a unique college experience. She is thankful for all of the friends she has made through CLC and the wonderful memories she has been able to share with the group. Getting the opportunity to become a sophomore ambassador was one of the best years she has had at UALR.


Meredith Rideoutmeredith

Meredith Rideout is a senior CLC scholar for the 2013-14 school year. She is going to college to earn a B.F.A. in Dance Performance. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA in college. Meredith is a girl with a plan, but through the dance department and organizations on campus, she has learned to enjoy growing and being an active learner daily. Though her career dream has changed from her initial plan, she is comfortable with the changes that have come and the exciting journey her education has taken her on. CLC has connected her with many like-minded students, whose individual goals exceed the average college student. Others’ accomplishments in the program keeps her motivated and to push herself to do great things. CLC has also made her feel more apart of the university than just being another number on the statistics. One memorable experience Meredith has had here at UALR was being able to be a tour guide for visiting 5th grade students for local elementary schools through the Friday Fellows program. On the tours, she got the chance to see the wonder and excitement of young aspiring minds. Meredith was reminded how education holds many great opportunities and that learning is a way of life. It does not simply stop once you have your diploma. After she graduates, she plans on continuing school and to get a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Meredith wants to be a physical and movement therapist for a dance company so she can help all kinds of people with physical needs while still being connected with her passion for dance. Though she does not hold any leadership positions currently, she strives to be the best she can be and lead by example.


Emily Matthews Bemis

Emily Bemis

Emily Bemis is a senior CLC scholar  for the 2013-14 school year. She is  majoring in Early Childhood  Education with an emphasis in Studio  Fine Arts with a current GPA of a  3.95. UALR and CLC have both made  Emily a more confident and outgoing person. They gave her the resources and education to even start her own business. Emily plans to teach elementary or elementary art in Little Rock while continuing her photography business. She is also training to be a Master Gardener where she will be in charge of a community garden. Some of Emily’s most memorable experiences from UALR comes from working in the Art program. She loved to work with like minds while creating interesting works of art. Everyday, she would leave campus covered in clay, ink, and charcoal, but there would be no better way for her to leave in her eyes. CLC greatly impacted her college experience  by allowing her to go to college and to be a part of something bigger than herself by going out in the community to serve others. It allowed her to make connects inside and outside of school and to make friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Wesley Baltimore575054_2200520667942_721093667_n

Wesley Baltimore is a senior CLC scholar for the 2013-14 school year. He is majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Sign Language Studies with a current GPA of 3.85. Wesley plans to attend graduate school to earn a Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders or a Doctorate in Audiology. He currently works as a Resident Assistant for UALR Student Housing and is also in the McNair Scholar Program. Wesley contributed to the McNair Scholars program by researching how transparent masks may improve communication in health-care environments, especially to those with hearing loss. He has grown up with a deaf mother, so he is an active member of the deaf community by going to many of their events, which he says are always really interesting. One of the most memorable experiences that Wesley has had while at UALR is seeing his own face used for advertising on a bus, billboard, and the UALR website for the first time. He would not be going to UALR if it was not for the CLC scholarship. Not only has it helped him financially, but it has helped him grow more as a person, a leader, a student, and a servant to his community. It has really given him the foundation that he need to learn how to make a positive impact on this world. He stated, “I am forever grateful for CLC not only as a scholarship that helps pay for school but also as an organization that helps molds future leaders.”


Nicole PaladinoNicole Paladino

Nicole Paladino will be a senior CLC scholar fall 2013. She is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Technical Writing. Nicole plans to attend law school immediately after graduating. She currently interns for the Arkansas State Sentencing Commission and did research for a number of legislative bills this legislative session. The bills she has researched includes: abortion ban, racial disparity and impact on prison systems, the Human Trafficking Act 2013, and the impact of abolishing the death penalty in Arkansas. Nicole also works part time at Cardinal Health (a Pharmaceutical Distribution company) in North Little Rock as a medical account representative. She has made the Chancellor’s list since her college career began in the Fall 2010.  She currently holds a 4.0 GPA and  her community service interest include March of Dimes, Little Rock Homeless Shelter and Dorcas House.

554226_1754368132024_214270570_nKelsey Reed

Kelsey Reed, a 2012-2013 CLC Sophomore Ambassador, was nominated for Homecoming Queen by her CLC peers. She is a biology major planning on pursuing a career in sports chiropractic. She is involved in numerous campus organizations like CLC, Alpha Xi Rho, and Little Rock Cheer. 




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