The Chancellor’s Leadership Corps Scholars program began in fall of 1976 with 17 scholars. CLC was created by Dr. Dorothy Truex to help give high school student leaders a chance to continue their leadership roles throughout their college experience. Over the years the numbers have grown. In fall 2014, we welcomed 183 new scholars into the program which brings us to an astonishing record high of scholars at 513 students.

Some traditions CLC has include freshman year personal awareness class, yearly scholar retreats and group volunteer services.

One of the major components throughout CLC’s history is its strong upperclassmen leaders. Over the years many sophomore sponsors, now sophomore ambassadors have provided assistance for on-campus events, worked and gained experience in a designated office on campus, and served as mentors to incoming freshman scholars.

In July 2011, Junior Mentors were added to the leadership structure to create family divisions within the CLC Freshman Class. Then again in April 2012, 2 Senior Peer-Advisors were added at the top of the leadership structure.

Below are the descriptions of each Leadership Position within CLC along with the Student Leadership Mentoring Tree:

Senior Peer-Advisors (2)-Responsible for leading 85-90 freshman, 12 sophomore ambassadors, and 3 junior mentors.  They assist the Coordinator of CLC in the planning of special events, activities, provide senior leadership in the CLC Office, and oversee their Community.

Junior Mentors (6)-Responsible for leading 22-25 freshman and 4 sophomore ambassadors. They provide assistance to their particular Senior Peer-Advisor and oversee family service projects. Each junior mentor works in the CLC Office and is in charge of a designated event within the Reach 13,000 Can Drive Initiative.  Junior Mentors are the lead supervisors for their direct family.

Sophomore Ambassadors (24)-Responsible for the transition and acting as a success guide in the first year for 7-8 freshmen. They are seen as direct-connects and serve as a big brother/big sister to their assigned freshmen.  Each ambassador gains necessary work experience in a designated office on campus.

CLC Organizational Chart Revised