Co-op Program Requirements

Cooperative Education is an academic program.  Only juniors, seniors and graduate students who have declared a participating major and meet their departmental eligibility requirements will be eligible to participate in a Co-op.  Students must enroll for academic Co-op credit upon being hired by an employer for an approved Co-op position.

For positions not approved for academic credit but allow a student relevant work experience, a student may be placed under the Internship Track option.  The Internship Track does not require the student to earn academic credit; however, most of the student assigments required of a traditional Co-op still apply to the Internship Track.

  • Co-op approved job descriptions must provide a detailed job description that is directly related to one of the participating majors (see Majors and Requirements under “For Students”).  The specific duties must be academically relevant to the student’s major.  The position must be paid (an hourly rate above minimum wage) and cannot be commission without base pay.
  • All co-op positions must be approved through the corresponding academic department prior to the distribution of student resumes.
  • Students must work a minimum of 200 clock hours during the semester.
  • Co-op students must be enrolled in a corresponding Co-op course, and pay related tuition expenses.
  • A mandatory site visit will be conducted for all Co-op students employed within Arkansas.  The student and supervisor are required to attend.  Site visits are not required for those students placed under the Internship Track.
  • Employers will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the students by completing a pre-assessment and a post assessment of the student’s performance.  These assessments are required for the student’s Co-op file.

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