Student FAQ & Resources

Q. What is Cooperative Education?

A. Cooperative Education is an academic program that allows qualified students the opportunity to participate in work-integrated learning. Students gain relevant work experience, academic credit, and all co-op positions are paid.

Q. What is the Internship Track?

A. The Internship Track is a component of the Cooperative Education Internship & Placement Office intended to benefit students who do not meet the requirements for Co-op or do not need academic credit. All positions approved for Internship Track will be paid opportunities.  In order to qualify for the Internship Track, a student must be a declared major, at least a Sophomore with a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA and in good standing academically. Students participating in the Internship Track will not earn academic credit, but must still complete a series of assignments throughout the semester.  If the student fails to complete all assignments, they must give up the internship.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get a Co-op in my field of study?

A. The Co-op process is very competitive, so there are no guarantees. Once a student’s resume is sent, the ball is in the employers’ court to screen applicants, select candidates to interview, and make a hiring decision. The Co-op staff does not aid employers in hiring decisions.

Q. How do I know if I qualify for Cooperative Education Internship & Placement?

A. To see if you qualify for Co-op, please refer to the Co-op eligibility requirements for your major. For questions about these requirements, contact Michael Yang, Co-op coordinator, at (501)569-3587 or

Q. Am I required to register for the Co-op course in my major?

A. Once a student has been hired and placed in a Co-op position, then registration for the Co-op course is required. In addition, the student is responsible for paying the tuition and fees associated with enrolling in the course.

Q. What if I decide to withdraw from the Co-op course in the middle of the semester?

A. If a student were to drop the Co-op course mid-semester, then they would also forfeit their Co-op job. Withdrawal from the Co-op course, as with any course, may be permanently reflected on your academic transcript as well.

Q. Are Co-op positions available every semester or only during the summer?

A. The Co-op office places students every semester. It is highly encouraged and recommended to prepare at least one semester in advance.

Q. How long does the Co-op position last?

A. A Co-op position is traditionally one semester in length. However, there have been some occasions where certain Co-ops may call for a two-semester commitment or more.

Q. Can I obtain Co-op academic credit for a job that I am currently working?

A. In order for you to obtain credit for your current job there must be evidence of new learning opportunities for the co-op work term. For more information on how to self-develop a Co-op position, contact the Cooperative Education Internship & Placement Office at (501)569-3584 or

Q.  What if I’m a Freshman or someone else who cannot yet apply for Co-op?

Here are some tips on how to prepare as you begin your college career:

  1. Participate in the Professional Edge Series.
  2. Develop strong technical and communication skills.
  3. Begin writing your resume.
  4. Strive for the highest GPA possible.
  5. Develop leadership and team orientation skills through active participation in registered student organizations.
  6. Volunteer at a local charity or organization.
  7. Attend the UALR Career Fair in the fall or spring semester.
  8. Contact Co-op staff to learn the nuts and bolts of Cooperative Education Internship & Placement. Stop by the Education Building, Suite 204, call us at (501)569-3584, or send us an e-mail at