Student Testimonials

Michael Jackson Student PhotoMichael Jackson, Graduate Student
California State University, Northridge

“The UALR Cooperative Education, Internship, and Placement Office is a program designed to help students prepare for their careers in the professional world. Graduate Assistant Dustin Krein and Director Jesse Mason spent countless hours giving me advice and looking over my resumes for employment. After not getting any callbacks or emails, Mr. Mason sat with me and told me that music companies look for experience or education in the field of music business. He then recommended that I go to graduate school for music business. After taking his advice, I applied and was accepted to California State University Northridge to obtain a Master of Arts degree in Music Industry Administration. Because of the help from UALR Cooperative Education, Internship, and Placement Office, I am now one step closer to achieving my dreams.”


Jean-LucJean Luc Umwungeri, BTAC Intern
Windstream Communications

“I believe a co-op position enhances classroom knowledge through practical on-the-job training.  I also believe a co-op is a great way to ‘try on’ the career or see if further education would be needed.  And the positions are paid!”


Michelle Pittman
Michelle Pittman, Marketing/Development Assistant
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas

“Participating in a program that allows me to gain post education work experience, while managing a student athlete’s schedule was an ideal situation.  Working with an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters gives me the opportunity to make a positive influence on the community.”


James Taylor
James A. Taylor, Jr., BTAC Intern
Windstream Communications

“I was looking for practical experience in my field of study.  Co-op was a great way to go to school, gain that experience and earn money at the same time.”


Martena Jenkins

Martena Jenkins, Human Resources Intern
Winrock International

“The UALR Cooperative Education Internship & Placement Office guided me in the right direction towards getting the career training I needed in my field of study with a prestigious organization.”


Dalia Garrison
Dalia Garrison, Student Trainee
U. S. General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service

“I wanted to use the knowledge I gained in the classroom and apply it to real world situations.  Participating in the Co-op program enabled me to gain beneficial experience which I will use as I embark on my career in law school.”