Wigand’s Management Book Named One of 75 Best Ever

A book co-authored by Dr. Rolf Wigand, UALR’s Jerry L. Maulden-Entergy Chair and distinguished professor of information science and management, has been named one of the “75 Best Management Books of All Time.”

The selection by Handelsblatt Management Bibliothek, Vol. 1, a German publication similar to the Wall Street Journal in the U.S., puts Wigand’s book on a list that includes classics by John Maynard Keynes, Alvin Toffler, Henry Ford, Niccolò Machiavelli, John Stuart Mill, Fredrick Winslow Taylor, Theodore Levitt, Karl Marx, and Sun Tzu, among others.

The book, “Information, Organization and Management: Expanding Markets and Corporate Boundaries,” was co-written by Wigand, Arnold Picot, and Ralf Reichwald and published by Wiley Publishers and Springer Verlag, It includes two English editions. The best-selling German version is in its fifth edition.

“‘Organization and Management’ demonstrates how business success in the global market place depends upon products and services rich in variety, value and instantly responsive to customer needs,” the publisher’s review says. “This strengthening of the buyer’s position has turned customer service into an important decisive factor for a corporation’s market success. Competitive strategies must therefore re-evaluate the business-management goals of flexibility, time, quality and cost.”

Handelsblatt Management Bibliothek also lists the book among the best book contributions during the same 75-year time frame under the topics of Leadership and Organization, Marketing and Distribution, as well as Economics.

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