How does your MBA stack up? Introducing UALR’s New MBA

Rebuilding the MBA
With business education at a crossroads, it was important to UALR | College of Business that this redesign was founded not only on nationwide research on MBA programs, but also on the feedback of our constituents, including advisory board members, the central Arkansas business community, alumni, and the students. The framework was built using three simple verbs:

and being.

The redesigned MBA program provides knowledge, facts, frameworks, and theories that make up the core understanding of business. Next, the program incorporates the capabilities and techniques that enable the student to put their learning to practice. Through application the student is doing what they learn.This establishes real connections between classroom theory and pragmatic exposure. Lastly, the values, attitudes and beliefs UALR instills provide ethical, innovative and proactive ways to be a better business leader and community member.

An Innovative Curriculum
Personalized behavioral competency coaching is provided on a one-on-one basis. This methodology is unprecedented in graduate business academia. Developing self awareness, self-management, interpersonal skills, ability to motivate, ability to work in teams, strong presentation skills, strong people management skills and ethics are all important facets of being a business leader in your community. These soft skills are given hard assessment in the MBA curriculum at UALR. All the training for these skills occurs in one-one-one sessions with faculty. Team exercises implemented at UALR lead to greater understandings of how leaders arise in groups using their soft skills. “The innovative curriculum balances analytical skills and theoretical knowledge expected of MBAs with the equally important human skills needed to recognize opportunities, tackle challenges, and lead others in the work environment,” said Dr. Jane P. Wayland, Stephen Harrow Smith Dean of Business.

A University in the Heart of Arkansas
As a university in the capital city of Arkansas, UALR MBAs enjoy access to financial service centers, insurance companies, government agencies, healthcare agencies, the state’s leading entrepreneurial endeavors, and business leaders that call this city home. Moreover, the university if positioned to participate directly in the economic well-being of the heart of Arkansas. An MBA from UALR means a contemporary, convenient and
career-changing degree that will enable students to shape the future of not only Arkansas’s capital city, but the nation.

On the Horizon
Next time, we will showcase the young professionals that represent the College of Business as Ambassador Class II. Personally selected by faculty and nurtured by the dean, these students stood out in a crowd; now they are given opportunities to lead it.

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