Degree Checklists

The degree plan checklist below list complete degree requirements, a recommended course sequence, and important policies for each major.  They are designed to assist students when using a degree audit report and transcript to track progress.

Prospective students for Summer and Fall 2014 will have new checklists updated soon.


Accounting AY 2012-2013

Accounting AY 2011-2012

Accounting AY 2010-2011

Accounting AY 2009-2010

Accounting AY 2008-2009


Economics AY 2012-2013

Economics AY 2011-2012

Economics AY 2010-2011

Economics AY 2009-2010

Economics AY 2008-2009


Finance AY 2012-2013

Finance AY 2011-2012

Finance AY 2010-2011

Finance AY 2009-2010

Finance AY 2008-2009

Finance-Financial Services

Finance-Financial Services AY 2012-2013

Finance-Financial Services AY 2011-2012

Finance-Financial Services AY 2010-2011

Finance-Financial Services AY 2009-2010

Finance-Financial Services AY 2008-2009

Finance-Real Estate

Finance-Real Estate AY 2012-2013

Finance-Real Estate AY 2011-2012

Finance-Real Estate AY 2010-2011

Finance-Real Estate AY 2009-2010

Finance-Real Estate AY 2008-2009

Finance-Insurance and Risk Management

Finance-Insurance and Risk Management AY 2009-2010

Finance-Insurance and Risk Management AY 2008-2009

International Business-General Emphasis

International Business-General Emphasis AY 2012-2013

International Business-General Emphasis AY 2011-2012

International Business-General Emphasis AY 2010-2011

International Business-General Emphasis AY 2009-2010

International Business-General Emphasis AY 2008-2009

International Business-Foreign Language Emphasis

International Business-Foreign Language AY 2012-2013

International Business-Foreign Language AY 2011-2012

International Business-Foreign Language AY 2010-2011

International Business-Foreign Language AY 2009-2010

International Business-Foreign Language AY 2008-2009


Management AY 2012-2013

Management AY 2011-2012

Management AY 2010-2011

Management AY 2009-2010

Management AY 2008-2009

Management-Human Resources

Management- HR AY 2012-2013

Management-HR AY 2011-2012

Management-HR AY 2010-2011

Management-HR AY 2009-2010

Management-HR AY 2008-2009

Management-Entrepreneurship/Small Business

Management-Entrepreneurship/Small Business AY 2012-2013

Management-Entrepreneurship/Small Business AY 2011-2012

Management-Entrepreneurship/Small Business AY 2010-2011

Management Entrepreneurship/Small Business 2009-2010

Management Entrepreneurship/Small Business 2008-2009

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems is now referred to as Business Information Systems.

Management Information Systems AY 2012-2013

Management Information Systems AY 2011-2012

Management Information Systems AY 2010-2011

Management Information Systems AY 2009-2010

Management Information Systems AY 2008-2009


Marketing AY 2012-2013

Marketing AY 2011-2012

Marketing AY 2010-2011

Marketing AY 2009-2010

Marketing AY 2008-2009