Academic Common Market-Electronic Campus Information

Out-of-State Students’ Opportunity to Study in a Specialized Field while Paying In-state Tuition Rates Four of the degree programs in the College of Education have been approved to charge in-state tuition rates to students residing in a participating state within the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB):

1. BA degree in Interpretation: ASL/English []

2. MA in Rehabilitation for the Blind with emphasis in Orientation and Mobility []

3. MA in Counseling with emphasis in Rehabilitation Counseling []

4. MA in Rehabilitation of the Blind with emphasis in Rehabilitation Teaching. []

Students must obtain approval from their respective Academic Common Market state coordinators. Approval is generally based on a comparable degree program not being available in the student’s home state.

The states that participate in the Academic Common Market-Electronic Campus (ACM-EC) are: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. States within the SREB who do not approve ACM-EC programs are: North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. Students need to contact their respective ACM state coordinator to obtain current approval process and programs. Further information can be found at


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