Common Core Institute Friday, Feb. 15, 2013

PARCC Model Content Frameworks

Target Audience: Curriculum Directors, Building Administrators, Instructional Facilitators and Classroom Teachers

The Arkansas Department of Education is hosting a six-hour institute to help teachers and curriculum directors understand and use the PARCC Model Content Frameworks for ELA/Literacy (Grades 3-11) and the PARCC Model Content Frameworks for Mathematics (Grades 3-11). The documents were developed by PARCC to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and to inform the development of item specification and blueprints for the PARCC assessments. As such, the PARCC Model Content Frameworks serve as useful tools for classroom teachers and curriculum developers by providing insight into key areas of focus of the CCSS and PARCC assessments as well as the instructional shifts needed for successful implementation in the classroom.

The event will be available in the EAST Lab on the South end.

For more information visit the Arkansas Common Core Web site.

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