UALR has established a licensing program to protect the name and identifying marks of the university and to prohibit unauthorized use of university marks on commercial or other products.

All uses and representations of the university’s name and marks on items of merchandise, whether for sale or internal use, are licensed.

Licensed use of the university’s name and marks will preserve the university’s reputation by ensuring that products bearing the university’s name and marks are of quality and good taste and are consistent with the university’s branding efforts. All licensed goods must be produced by a licensed vendor and approved before production by Klansee Tozer in the Office of Communications.

If you are unsure about the appropriateness of the UALR seal on your document or publication, contact the Office of Communications, 501.683.7397.

Applications or exceptions approved by the licensing program director do not constitute a precedent or change to the guidelines presented here.

Clothing, Gifts, and Other Merchandise

Merchandise and gift items have production limitations such as size, materials, and color. Because of this, greater flexibility may be allowed. However, less flexibility may also be advisable depending on the circumstance.

The UALR Seal is not appropriate for most commercial products. Since it is inherently formal, its use is limited to items of a formal nature. For example, the seal is displayed on diplomas, some stationery (such as graduation invitations), jewelry, and other high-end products. The university seal may not be used on clothing or other casual items.