Campus Signage

Permanent signage is the responsibility of the Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities and Services. The use of temporary signage on the UALR campus is discouraged.

Departments or individuals planning campus events should provide clear directions for guests through invitations and other communication used to publicize the event. Displaying parking instructions on the university marquee may be appropriate for certain events.

There will be times when temporary signage is necessary. If you believe your event warrants temporary signage, contact Facilities Management, 501.569.3390, for approval. Contact Printing Services, 501.569.3260, for assistance in printing signage and for assistance in posting signage.

Electronic Signage

The university maintains two forms of electronic communication message boards: the large marquee located at the corner of University Avenue and 28th Street and the plasma TV screens located in the Donaghey Student Center. Both communications tools target different audiences, and users of these tools should keep that in mind when planning messages and requesting space.

Users of UALRā€™s electronic signs should use a variety of media to promote events and messages rather than rely solely on the marquee or plasma screens. The Office of Communications can give advice on a number of communication vehicles that are suitable for event promotion.