UALR words, name, signature, and logo have distinctive definitions when referenced here. “Name” refers to general usage of the official name, “University of Arkansas at Little Rock,” in any typeface or style.

University Signature

The UALR Signature is a specific font treatment. The UALR signature consists of the words “University of Arkansas at Little Rock” set in Myriad Pro regular typeface as in the example below. In limited instances, the signature can stand alone, but it is preferable to use the signature as part of the logo in all printed materials.


University Logo

The UALR Logo is the graphic representation for the university using the letters “UALR” in a specific font, with an arc moving through the letters. This wordmark is accompanied by the UALR signature. The logo cannot be set in type; it is a graphic element.

The UALR logo:

  • is the university’s official identifier and must be used on all forms of visual communications.
  • should be clearly and prominently displayed.
  • should not be altered in any way.

Visual communications include stationery (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, notepads, fax cover sheets, etc.), publications (brochures, invitations, catalogs, newsletters, etc), websites, signage, promotional items, and electronic message boards. Any visual communication not listed is subject to the same guidelines as above.

The logo can be reproduced in several variations of the UALR maroon, silver, and black. The two-color option is preferred but may not be feasible with all media. The logos below are all acceptable for uses.

Download the logo pack, a 2.5 MB zip file containing all five accepted variations.


Printing the Logo

Because the UALR maroon and silver ink will print differently depending on media type, please consult the Office of Communications at 501.683.7397 or Printing Services at 501.569.3260 for assistance to make sure the color match is correct.

College/Department Logos

Each of UALR’s six colleges, the law school, graduate school, and departments will have a UALR logo with its college/department name included. This logo can be used in place of the standard UALR/University of Arkansas at Little Rock logo, although visual communication sent to external audiences should use the general university logo.
department logo

Cooperative Program Logos

University programs affiliated with private or nonprofit organizations usually require signatures or logos that display the partnering organization’s identity in tandem with the UALR identity. UALR Children International is one example. For help in designing these specialized logos, contact the Office of Communication at 501.683.7397.

coop logo