Email Signatures

Uniform email signatures deliver brand consistency electronically across university departments and offices. Just as our business cards uphold an identity standard, email signatures should follow a similar conventional style.

UALR Signature Model

Below is an example of the preferred UALR plain text signature model:

John Doe | Director of University Excitement
University of Arkansas at Little Rock | Office of Good Times
501.569.3000 | |

An optional line to include your social network links is also acceptable:

Follow us: |

*Note: If you choose to use links to department, organization, or college-level social networks, they should adhere to the Social Media Guidelines developed by the Office of Communications.

Simple Signatures

Because of the wide variety of desktop and web browser email clients, a consistent signature can be difficult to achieve. The best rule of thumb? Keep it simple.

  • Less is more. Your signature should not be longer than four lines. Go wider rather than longer, and use pipes to separate components.
  • Use a simple 10 pt standard font (preferred) or your email client’s default font. Non-standard typefaces and HTML may not translate well across email clients.
  • Avoid using any graphics or colors.
  • Refrain from using quotations or other philosophical statements. Don’t confuse your UALR email account with your personal email account. Your signature should reflect a professional and consistent university viewpoint when conducting business through email.

Creating an Email Signature in Gmail

  1. Click SETTINGS at the top right of your UALR Gmail page.
  2. Enter your new signature text in the box at the bottom of the page next to the SIGNATURE option.
  3. To create the pipe (|) between words, use the [shift] + [] keys. (May vary depending on keyboard.)
  4. Make sure that the radial button next to signature is checked. The default selection is “No Signature.”
  5. Click Save Changes at the very bottom of the page.

If you have questions about the UALR signature style, call 501.569.3373.