Campus Signage


The marquee at 28th Street and University Avenue reaches students, employees and visitors. When submitting information for your event or deadline, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Only events sponsored by official UALR organizations will be included.marquee
  • The frequency and duration of post will be prioritized according to the number impacted.
  • Your information may be shortened because of space restraints and for quick readability.
  • Any entry with an invalid website, email or phone number will not be published.
  • Please enter your email address so that we may contact you. For internal purposes only.
  • Please enter your marquee message.

If you have questions, contact Lainey Howard, 501.683.7397.


Permanent signage is the responsibility of the Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management. The use of temporary signage on campus is discouraged. Departments or individuals planning events should provide directions for guests through invitations and other communication. If you believe your event warrants temporary signage, contact Facilities Management, 501.569.3390, for approval.


To post posters or fliers on campus bulletin boards, get approval from the Office of Campus Life. Be sure to discard your print pieces after your event is over.

Plasma Screens

Some campus buildings have plasma TV screens to post messages that affect a majority of the student body. Submissions should be saved as PowerPoint slides and emailed to the following staff from the respective buildings. Submitters should include their name and contact information if follow-up is necessary.