Web Standards

While a brand works to differentiate a product or service, branding guidelines or graphic standards serve to maintain that distinction across multiple communications channels.

You may have already reviewed the standards guide for printed materials and are generally familiarized with those requirements. However, web and interactive media present a unique set of challenges and must be addressed separately.

Style vs. Substance

Web Branding Standards at UA Little Rock fall into two distinct categories: content and design. Both play a critical role.

It is important to note that web templates administered by Web Services will always be in compliance with Design Requirements.

Their branded elements are maintained via top-level cascading style sheets, thus allowing local site owners to focus solely on providing relevant, timely information without expending energies on design and development.


Every university website must be accessible to users with disabilities. Learn more about UA Little Rock web accessibility.

Domain Names

The naming and location of UA Little Rock web assets must be a coordinated effort. View guidelines for domain names.