Nonprofit Leadership Studies Program

The Nonprofit Leadership Studies Program is a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofits; our mission is to educate, prepare, and certify professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations.

Students enrolling in the program receive a nationally recognized certificate from the Nonprofit Leadership Studies Program upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, and students may also choose to declare the Nonprofit Leadership Studies Program as a minor. The program

  • has a strong competency emphasis,
  • uses an internship requirement for strength of comprehension and application,
  • builds a network of nonprofit professional contacts,
  • builds on and enhances a student’s chosen major field of study, and provides the tools to achieve success.

Students take courses that establish a foundation of nonprofit organizational knowledge, attend seminars and workshops to supplement the courses, gain experience through internships, and take part in activities that develop practical skills useful for their careers.

Information about the NPLS program can be accessed through the following categories:

For more information about the Nonprofit Leadership Studies Program, please contact Dr. Juliana Flinn at or 501.569.3166.