Steven Minsker Ph.D. – Professor

I have two current areas of interest: I am interested in algorithms in general and recursive algorithms in particular. I have authored seven research papers on variations of the classical Towers of Hanoi problem, and am currently working on an eighth problem (‘the cyclic Towers of Antwerpen problem’) involving color and rotation restrictions on the ring movement. Hanoi problems are very easy to understand, and generally easy to program by computer, but their mathematical analysis can range from the very simple to the extremely difficult.

I am also interested in developing educational computer games for elementary school students which enhance vocabulary and reasoning skills. One example is the word game ‘dogcat’, in which we change one word into another by changing one letter at a time and passing only through valid words. Software development for this game (ultimately with enticing graphical displays too) is currently in progress.

Areas of Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Algorithms
  • Programming Languages
  • Computer Science Education

Contact Info

Office: EIT 575
Phone: 501-569-8131