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Information Technology Services

UALR Web Server Information

To log in to the web server to upload files, you must log in using you FACSTAFF or STUDENTS domain username and password.

For faculty or staff:

  • User ID: facstaff\username (where username is your username)
  • Password: your facstaff domain password

For students:

  • User ID: students\username (where username is your username)
  • Password: your students domain password

If you have never logged into either domain, you must do so before attempting to FTP files. Faculty and Staff may log into the FACSTAFF domain in the Faculty Resource Center in SUA 205, in either of the Student labs (SUA 105 or the Library first floor), or a colleagues PC joined to the domain. Students may use either Student Lab to log in to STUDENTS for the first time.

If you are unsure of your FACSTAFF or STUDENTS domain password, follow these steps to change it.

  • Log into BOSS (opens in new window)
  • Go to the Personal Information section
  • Select the link for "View Usernames or Change Passwords on UALR Computing Systems"
  • Check the Change Password box for the appropriate system
  • Type your new password in the New Password box
  • Retype your password in the Comfirm Password box
  • Press "Change Passwords on Selected Systems"
    (The change will take approximately 30 seconds)

Generic FTP Instructions
Fetch Instructions

Generic FTP Application Setup

Create a new connection in your FTP Program. Use '' as the server address and your username and password as described above. Using the default for all other options should be sufficient.

typicallFTP2 (33K)

Once connected to the server, you should default to your directory. This is where you will place your files for your personal web site.

To upload files to departmental sites, you will need access to the departmental directories. To access these directories, place '../directory_name' in the remote directory box in the FTP client (location varies with client software). Contact the webmaster to determine if you have access to edit a departmental web site.

FETCH Setup for Macintosh

Fetch 4.02 on Mac OS X
Start Fetch and create a new conncetion

  • Host:
  • User ID: facstaff\username or students\username
  • Password: facstaff or students password
It should look like this...

fetch1 (48K)

Press OK and you should be connected and taken to your directory

fetch2 (55K)

To change to a departmental directory, click the dropdown arrow as shown, and select the / folder. You will be taken to the main directory where all folders are visible. Locate the folder you want to access and double click it. If you have access to the folder, you will be able to upload files.

fetch3 (59K)

fetch4 (56K)