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Nursing School

The new home for UALR’s nursing school will be located in the original “Administration South” building. This is a three floor 33,500 square feet structure that the nursing program will fully occupy.

The ground floor will feature nursing simulation labs. There will be four sim labs. These will allow instructors to run simulations on mannequins that will emulate a real patient’s condition. Each lab will be equipped with CCTV recording the student’s responses to the pre determined scenario and these will be saved for instructor review and student de briefing. This follows the teaming learning concept by actually performing to staged medical events and watching a replay of each individuals performance.

The second floor, which is also the main entry floor will house the more public functions of the school: two 92 seat tiered lecture halls as well as one 58 seat classroom.

Also located on this floor will be a 75 seat computer lab and a student lounge.

The third floor will house offices for the instructors and directors, and conference rooms.

Project Timeline

The project is currently under construction and is slated for completion on August 1, 2013

Updated 4.3.2014