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Welcome! Our goal is to help you meet your educational goals at UALR by properly using copyrighted materials.

Why should you care about copyright and proper use of copyrighted materials?

Copyright laws are theft laws that protect everyone's creative products, whether that takes the form of a book, article, photo, painting, song, movie - or even your term paper! Simply put, copyright is a set of rules meant to prevent the use of your work and everyone else's work without proper permission . Improper use of copyrighted material is called copyright infringement and can lead to criminal prosecution.

Another type of intellectual property theft is called "plagiarism".

The UALR Student Handbook states:

"Plagiarism: To adopt and reproduce as one's own, to appropriate to one's own use, and incorporate in one's own work without acknowledgement the ideas or passages from the writings or works of others."

"The determination that a student's work was the result of dishonest action can be considered in the faculty member's evaluation of that work and in the determination of the course grade. In addition, disciplinary action will be taken by the appropriate university official, e.g., Dean of Students, or by the Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee."

This could include but may not be limited to: failing grades in a course, suspension from the university, and perhaps even prosecution under the Federal copyright laws by the copyright owner.

The information contained in this site is intended to help you avoid violating copyright laws or committing plagiarism.

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Remember that copyright is an area where there is still much ambiguity. Future legislation and court decisions will continue to shape copyright law. Information provided on this website should not be construed as legal advice.

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