Scholar Spotlight – Dawn Johnson

Dawn Johnson loves what she does. This senior Geology major from Little Rock is involved in many projects. Satellite images of the western side of Lake Maumelle (one of the primary water supplies of Little Rock) have revealed a discoloration of the water. Dawn is one of the people trying to discover the cause of the discoloration. Her project is entitled “Tracing organic carbon sources in Lake Maumelle.” She took water from 25 different sites, all at one meter below the surface. She is testing these to determine the types and amounts of suspended solids and organic components (such as lignin and tannin).As a volunteer, Dawn is helping the Arkansas Geological Survey. A sinkhole has developed in Malvern, AR. An environmental concern is whether this sinkhole might contaminate local drinking water. A dye has been added to the sinkhole in order to allow researchers to trace the flow of water from the sinkhole. Dawn is analyzing samples to detect the flow of water from the sinkhole.Dawn’s awards and achievements are amazing and include the following:Earth Science Academic Achievement Award

Teaching Assistant Award

Field Camp Award

2nd place in the Arkansas Academy of Sciences for Student Presentations in the Physical Sciences

2010-11 Geology Club President

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