Mom, daughter motivate each other, will graduate on same day

For many college students, the last person they would choose to hang out with on a regular basis is their mother.

 mother_daughterBut for Nina Green and her mother, Ingrid Green, being in school together became a mutually beneficial arrangement, one that culminates Saturday, May 17, when they both graduate from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

“It wasn’t weird at all going to school with my mom; it was actually nice,” said Nina. “I absolutely loved going to school with her because we were the positive motivating forces in each other’s lives to make sure we both made it to the finish line.”

In fact, Nina said she realized it was “kind of cool” when she ended up taking a historical geology class a semester after her mother had taken it.

“I was having difficulties with the class and instead of her telling me ‘oh honey, I took that so long ago I don’t remember that stuff,’ she was able to help me the whole way through. I got an ‘A’ in that class, thanks to my mom,” said Nina.

Ingrid Green said Nina’s high school graduation in 2009 was part of her motivation to return to college. The fact that her parents had achieved educational success also influenced her decision.

“I was inspired to get a bachelor’s degree because my father has a doctorate in educational psychology and my mother has a master’s degree in counseling,” said Ingrid.

Ingrid had 32 hours of college credit that transferred from another school, and she was determined to finish her degree, once and for all.

At one point, she and both her daughters were in school at the same time (oldest daughter Brittany earned a degree in special education in May 2012). Ingrid said she was inspired by their examples.

She also said she felt good being able to assist younger daughter, Nina, with homework deadlines by keeping her granddaughter.

“I know how important it is to finish your work on time,” Ingrid said. “The only disadvantage is that there were times when we both had homework, and we had to adjust our babysitting routine.”

Nina will earn a degree in Health Education and Promotion, and Ingrid will graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor is Psychology. She plans to attend the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law in the fall.

“I look up to my mother for finishing school, no matter how many years down the line it was; I’m proud of her,” said Nina, who plans to continue working at the Arkansas State Hospital. She is still deciding whether to attend graduate school.

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