Providing fuel for 21st century growth

Welcome to UALR’s College of Science
To Explore and Discover, to share and employ the power of Science and Mathematics

The college is fully committed to UALR’s metropolitan university mission. We see our goal as providing fuel that drives the economic engine of central Arkansas and beyond. The engine is increasingly dependent on science and mathematics whether it is producing products, services, or the knowledge base that is critical in the global marketplace. Students completing degree programs in the College of Science are fully prepared to enter that enlarging global marketplace developing in central Arkansas.

The college offers Bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Environmental Health Sciences, Health- Human Performance and Sport Management , Mathematics, and Physics as well as an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  A master’s degree may be obtained in Biology, Chemistry, Health-Human Performance and Sport Management, Applied Mathematics, or Applied Science. The college offers a truly innovative graduate program leading to the Master of Science in Integrated Science and Mathematics (MSISM) and faculty direct graduate student research leading to a Ph.D. degree in Applied Science. Several of these degree programs require coursework in EIT that offers the students additional opportunities for training at the cutting edge of science and technology.

Like the rest of UALR, the college is engaged in the assessment of learning outcomes in both core courses and degree programs. As an adjunct to that process, we completed a Strategic Plan that identifies opportunities in the college to enhance our contribution in ways that lead to increases in scholarships.

This planning provides an exciting tool for identifying future needs and directions. You are invited to re-visit the site so that you can watch the future unfold for the College of Science.