yellow sign on light post saying "wrong turn o.k."Session after session, I have clients come in and tell me about how horrible they feel about making a mistake(s) in their lives. I think we put too much focus on being perfect sometimes. Is that not what being human is all about? We mess up from time to time. So what? Our society, however has somehow coaxed us into feeling that making mistakes or coming up short is a sign of weakness. I want to argue that this is not true.  Mistakes have led to some pretty cool discoveries and inventions: Penicillin, Velcro, microwaves, silly putty, post-it notes, and fireworks to name a few. Our society puts a lot of emphasis on being perfect and productive. I would like to challenge you to step away from this mindset and make a few mistakes with me. I have attached a video that I ran across that backs up my point. I hope you enjoy it!

Check out the video!

perfectionism youtube video screen shot


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