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Welcome to the UALR Stress Reduction Center

The practice of increasing awareness of the present moment and observing thoughts and feelings from a distance and more objectively. The benefits of mindfulness training include: physical and mental stress reduction, increased ability to focus, decreased hyperactive behavior and thinking, and increased feelings of well being.

woman with eyes closed and facing upwardAwareness
Our professional staff works with students in groups and individually, teaching and guiding in using exercises and activities designed to increase internal awareness and heighten the sense of being present in the moment.


meditating person in front of windowMeditation
Meditation is a skill that allows us to become more comfortable with our inner thoughts and feelings and clears our minds of all the psychological clutter. We can assist you in learning formal meditative practices as well as informal exercises in meditation.We will guide you through the process of learning and mastering meditation.



Body Worksunset yogawoman sitting on yoga mat
We teach Yoga “light” exercises in using the body to increase feelings of relaxation. Any body size and type can do the activities we teach you. We assist you in making any modifications to the techniques that work for your body.